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Q4: week 4 – 5/13 –  5/17

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___________________________________________________                                                                         Jump toMonday Homework   5/13 – Monday – “A” Day –  

Main focus: 

a)  To Complete the titration Lab and neutralization concepts.
b)  To identify oxidation states and redox reactions.


Period  6:

1.  Complete the Lab 28 conclusion questions. 

LAB 28  – Acid/Base Volumetric Titration.pdf
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2.  Redox introduction lesson.

a) Assigning oxidation numbers.

Assigning oxidation numbers 1011.pdf
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Assigning oxidation numbers key.pdf
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Assigning Oxidation Numbers Lesson – 

Identifying Redox Reactions – Easy! – 

____________________________________________________                                                                       jump to:  top                                    5/13 – Monday’s Homework: – 

1. Please complete the form below. You have 3 submissions tonight.

Also Shannon, Micheal, and Charlotte can make another submission with no penalty. For those that did not do the homework this weekend, you can make a submission and earn up to a 50.


1: Redox Form 1 


_________________________________________________________                                               Jump toTuesday Homework / top   5/14 – Tuesday “B” Day – LAB


 Main focus:

a) To write half reactions for redox reactions

b) To identify spontaneous redox reactions based on Table J.


Period  6:

1.   Review Redox Form 1.

2.   Spontaneous/Non- spontaneous half reactions lesson with demo:

Writing half reactions and Spontaneity.pdf
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3.   Review questions and introduce Table j.

Period  7:

4.   Reactivity of metals Lab

a) Complete the 6 tests with HCl and rank in order.

Lab 29 – Reactivity of metals.pdf
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Today’s recorded Lesson – 

Writing Half Reactions Lesson – 

Writing Half Reactions Screencast Lesson – 

Today’s Demo – 

____________________________________________________                                                                     jump to:  top                                     5/14 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

 1. There is no homework due to the AP World Test tomorrow!


____________________________________________________                                                         Jump toWednesday Homework / top        5/15 – Wednesday – A Day 

Main focus: 

                                                                                                                                                                                a) To complete the homework that was supposed to be for Tuesday night.




________________________________________________________________________                                                jump to:  top      
5/15 –  Wednesday – “A” Day Homework: 

1. Please complete the Redox 2 form. This was supposed to be for last night but you were busy studying (cough) for AP World…

1: Redox Form 2 – 23-24 


____________________________________________________________                                               Jump toThursday Homework / top        5/16 – Thursday “B” Day – LAB

Main focus:    

a) To write half reactions for redox reactions

b) To identify if a redox reaction is spontaneous

c) To balance net – ion redox reactions

Period  6:

1.  Thermite demo with half reactions – This will review the homework!

– Review the spontaneity of reactions with Table J!

Thermite and Friends Redox worksheet.pdf
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2.   Balance Net – Ion reaction lesson

Redox balancing net ion equations.pdf
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Period  7:   

1.  Lab 29 – Water tests – We tested the same metals like Tuesday but used water and phenolphthalein instead of acid. We wrote our observations.

– also viewed the Sn and Fe test tubes from acid test to see if there was any reactivity. WE added our observations into the data table.

Lab 29 – Reactivity of metals.pdf
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Thermite Demo – spheres – 

Thermite Demo – slow mo – 

Balancing Net Ion reactions – Lesson – 

__________________________________________________________________                                           jump to:  top

5/16 –  Thursday – “B” Day homework: 

 1.  Please complete the form below:

You will have 3 submissions to this form tonight.

1: Redox Form 3 


______________________________________________                                                                       Jump toFriday Homework / top 5/17 – Friday –  “B” Day 

Main focus:   

a) To identify the components of a battery – Voltaic Cell

b) To build and test the voltage of a voltaic cell.


Period  6:   

1.  Spontaneous Reactions vs Non-spontaneous through Table J!

– demo review from Monday

 – Review of the lab/ nonspontaneous

2.  Voltaic Cell Basics – Demo – Daniell Cell 

Voltaic Cell Daniell Notes .pdf
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3.  Voltaic Cell worksheet – did not get to,,

 voltaic cell worksheet .pdf



Todays lesson on voltaic cell – 

Animation of voltaic cell. – 

Todays lesson – 


5/17 –  Friday – “B” Day homework: 

1.  Please complete the form from the link below. It will be the Test 1 of the Redox Unit.   Obviously it is open note-book BUT it is timed!! So I would not start this until I have reviewed my homework’s this week, worksheets, and videos posted. You might find the Crash Course in Regents Chemistry posted below useful.

You may want to view the videos of the battery (voltaic/galvanic cell) posted above.

Please have your reference table, calculator, scrap paper and reference table ready when you begin the form!

Weekend Form Link: 26 questions (MC) timed form (50 min):



Crash Course in REDOX – Everything but Electrolytic Cells