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Q4: week 7 – 6/3 –  6/7

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________________________________________________                                                                                   Jump toMonday Homework    6/3 – Monday – “B” Day 

Main focus:

a) To begin the Nuclear Chemistry (physics?) unit (Last one!)
b) To identify different nuclear particles – Table O                                                                                 
c) To write nuclear reactions                                                                                                                        d) To identify the type of radiation a particular radioisotope releases – Table N


Period  7:

1.   Nuclear Chemistry Intro Lesson

Isotope Review.pdf                                                                                                                                                           View Download

Nuclear Chemistry worksheet 1.pdf                                                                                                                                   View Download

Period  8:

2.  Natural Transmutation vs. Artificial Transmutation


Nuclear Chemistry Lesson today: – Writing nuclear equations

Nuclear Chemistry Lesson today: – 

Nuclear Chemistry Presentation: 

____________________________________________________                                                                     jump to:  top                                    6/3 – Monday’s Homework: – 

1.  Please complete the form below. You have three submissions tonight!


1: Nuclear Chemistry & isotope Form 1 


______________________________________________                                                                       Jump toTuesday Homework / top  6/4 – Tuesday “A” Day 


 Main focus:

a) To review artificial Transmutation and solve Half – Life problems

b)  To identify Fission and constrast it with Fusion.

c) To identify the radioisotopes used in dating, treating and medical diagnosis.


Period  6:

1. Complete the particle accelerator discussion

2. Fission vs. Fusion



Half Life Practice Problems
View Download

Nuclear Chemistry worksheet 2.pdf
View Download

a) Mass defect

b) Nuclear reactions vs. chemical reactions

c) Binding energy differences in Fission and Fusion

d) radioisotopes

                                            Exothermic Chemical Reactions  <   Fission  <    Fusion

Conservation of mass                     mass defect.     most mass defect   

Nuclear Chemistry Lesson today: – Lecture 2 – Artificial Transmutation – 

Nuclear Chemistry Presentation: 

____________________________________________________                                                                    top                      6/4 – Tuesday’s Homework: – 

 1. Complete the form below. You have 2 responses.


1: Nuclear Chemistry Form 2 


____________________________________________________                                                      Jump toWednesday Homework / top      6/5 – Wednesday – B Day – 

Main focus: 


a) To complete Nuclear Chemistry – Half Life problems, Fission vs, Fusion

b)  To determine the isotopes use for medical diagnosis.

c)  To identify the properties of boiling point elevation and depression.


Period  6:

1.   Nuclear Chemistry Presentation 1 – (complete the medical and dating isotopes)

2.  Half life lesson

3.  Fission vs. Fusion

4.  medical and dating isotopes


Entropy worksheet
View Download

Period  8:

4.  Freezing point depression and Boiling point elevation lesson.

5.  Example of questions in regents questions.

Nuclear Chemistry Presentation: 

Nuclear Chemistry Lesson today: – Lecture 3 – Half-lives problems into Fission

Nuclear Chemistry Lesson last Thursday: – Lecture 3 – Half-lives problems

Nuclear Chemistry Lesson today: – Lecture 4 – Fission vs Fusion

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6/5-  Wednesday – “B” Day Homework: 

1. Please complete the Nuclear Form 4 form below.

You have 3 submissions tonight.

1: Nuclear Chemistry Form 4: 


_______________________________________________                                                                    Jump toThursday Homework / top 6/6 – Thursday “A” Day – 

Main focus:    

a) To identify the properties of boiling point elevation and freezing point depression.

b) To practice with regent questions.


Period  6:   

1. Boiling Point Elevation and Freezing Point Depression Lesson = Colligative Properties

2. Practice Regents questions


Colligative Properties worksheet
View Download

Liquid/Vapor equilibrium Animation:

Boiling Point Elevation Animation:

Freezing / Melting equilibrium Animation:

Freezing Point Depression Animation:

__________________________________________________________________                                                                   top 

6/6 –  Thursday – “B” Day homework: 

 1.  Please complete 1 – 50 on the practice test 1 that I handed out today in class:

I started it with you in class. Get your reference table, calculator, and scratch paper ready and complete it.

2.  Enter your answers into the form below. You will get an email back. 

3. Review your wrong answers with the video in the return email.

1: Practice regents test 1  MC:


_______________________________________________________                                                         Jump toFriday Homework / top  6/7 – Friday –  “B” Day – Lab

Main focus:   

a) To review all question from 1 – 50 from practice test 1 – June 2022 Test

b) To complete the free response section of Practice test 1.


Period  6:   

1.  Review of most incorrect questions from questions 1 – 50 of Practice Test 1.

2.  Took questions from all questions from 1 – 50

Period  7: 

1.  Free response of Practice test 1. We complete 4 sections.

2.  We began Practice test 3 MC 1 – 10.


____________________________________________________________                                                                                  top 

6/7 –  Friday – “B” Day homework: 


1.  Please complete the Sprint below (1 – 50 – Multiple choice) for Practice Test 2.

You will have 50 minutes in a timed form to eliminate shenanigans.

Please have your reference table, calculator, scratch paper, and pencil ready and hit the link below:

I will email your results Monday morning.